The Advantages of Using SEO

June 16, 2017SEO Standard

As a SEO consultant, the one question I have encountered over and over again is: What is the secret of ranking #1 on Google? Most of them get disappointed when they hear my answer. It’s as if they wanted to hear some highly classified secret only available to a select few. Perhaps they anticipated they would discover the holy grail of SEO success. But alas, neither am I the Indiana Jones nor is there any secret to top rankings on Google or Bing.

The problem lies in the fact that newbie SEO consultants and SEO clients believe that they can trick or game the search engine in to placing their small business services on top. So there must be some secret to confusing the search engines algorithm in to placing their site on the first page. I know that this belief is shared by thousands of people as can be judged from the plethora of e-books that sell these secrets to anyone who can pay few dollars. These books claim that anybody who reads and follow what they teach will earn easy money and get loads of traffic. Only if that would have been so easy.

Actually these people are correct. There is a secret for ranking at the top. You can actually spam a search engine. The only problem is that these people entered the scene bit late. These secret techniques used to work five years back and not anymore! There was a time when keyword stuffing in the title tag, keywords tags and content worked. Even black hat techniques like cloaking, hidden text, doorway pages worked. But times have changed and so have the search engines. The search engines have now become more sophisticated, more intelligent and much better in providing its users with the best results. There is a good probability that if you try these shady tactics today, you will be penalized and will be condemned to internet anonymity for a long time.

Any internet marketer or website owner who wants to rank well should think sanely about his business. If the business is not a fly by night operation then I don’t see any reason to adopt tactics which will at best give very short term advantages and in most cases will be counter productive. These so called secrets can also ruin reputation of your business. A website owner should aim at providing the users with relevant and useful information in a most easy way. That means good content, with natural density of keywords in a text format, which is highly relevant to the business the website is promoting. Also, try to get good quantity and quality of back links to your site. Any good site with informative content can get other sites to link back. Many times bloggers will post your link on their blogs because your site maybe beneficial to his/her blog readers as well. Other ways are making few articles and submitting regularly to top article directories. Articles not only provide good back links but also enhance your site’s credibility

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