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May 17, 2018Health & Wellness Standard

Different Types of Document Cameras

The document camera is the best way to bring technology into the classroom. In modern classrooms, we can see the presence of overhead projectors and now document cameras are an integral part of the classrooms. These document cameras connect to a projector through a direct connection and sometimes with a computer that helps the teacher in displaying the videos, images, experiments, books etc.

Things to remember before purchasing

An important feature of document camera is its capacity to connect with other technology used in the classroom. The main thing to consider before purchasing a document camera is to choose a connection that would be wireless, will work with a computer, or without it as well as its compatibility with the additional devices. Moreover, the storage capacity of the camera, the recording capacity, and microphone should also be a part of the consideration.

Types of document cameras

There are different types of documents cameras available in the market. A few of them will be a part of this study. Let us have a look at them.

IPEVO point two view camera

This type of document camera is here at an affordable price. It is good for the display of the documents at the very basic level. It is actually a USB webcam, which is portable and placeable in different positions due to its stand with multi-joints. Its camera contains 2.0 Megapixels with 1600x 1200 pixels; 30 fps frame rate and 12x zoom that is digital. It also has a USB connection.

Elmo 1349

An Elmo 1349 is an expensive document camera that contains remarkable features. Its camera can identify any detail that a teacher wants to show the pupils. This document camera can deliver the 30fps with high definition resolution that can capture the moving scenes easily. Its camera contains 3.4 Megapixels with 2144x 1588 resolutions, 96 xs zoom. It also possesses a USB and HDMI connection as well as a VGA. Moreover, an audio input or output and a switcher are also a part of it.

Epson DC-11

This document camera is a wonderful tool for teaching in any classroom. It is easy to use and long- lasting. Its USB connection is handy for uploading the presentations on the web, and the feature of the screen displays the images with the presentations. It is simple and easy to use. It contains an autofocus and a light that can change the direction of an image according to your choice. It will certainly boost the teaching style. Its camera is there with 5 Megapixels and the resolution is 1280 x 1024. Its frame rate is 30 fps. It contains 10x zoom that is digital and its connections are USB and VGA.

Lumen DC265

This document camera is particularly for the educators. Its appearance is flower patterned with two lamps at the sides of the central camera for making the documents visible and vivid in the dim environment. It is easy to connect this document camera with a laptop, computer, and television. It contains an HDMI, a VGA, and a USB connection. It is costly but it contains all the features that are required for the classroom teaching. Its camera is there with 5 Megapixels with 1921 x 10890 resolutions along with 30 fps frame rate. It also contains SD card, a memory that is internal, and various lamps.

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