Kumkum bhagya scene 269 Tanu pregnant with abi

January 28, 2018Health & Wellness Standard

scene begins with Tanu revealing to Pragya it is past the point of no return now and how could she is to go into her home and admonish her. Abhi just cherishes her and even in the wake of realizing that, she wedded him. She is Abhi’s daadi’s decision and not Abhi’s, so he will show her out. She says she cherishes Abhi and will battle for her adoration now.

Abhi on the othe side asks Purab for what reason don’t he feel love for Pragya. Purab inquires as to whether he doesn’t love her, for what reason did he go to spare her and got shot as opposed to letting her bite the dust, for what reason did he feel desirous. He additionally inquires as to whether he doesn’t love Pragya, for what reason did he disclose to her I cherish you and keeping her pics as opposed to tossing. He himself has arrangement of his disarray and is egostic, Kumkum Bhagya so it isn’t giving him a chance to acknowledge his emotions. He generally meets Pragya as Abhi the rockstar

also, not Abhi mehra, he has numerous fans but rather does not have love. He requests that he close his eyes once and think in the event that he ges Pragya’s face or another person.

Abhi takes a gander at Pragya’s pic and thinks back their diwali dhamaka and late occasions and misses him.

Pragya takes Tanu to doctor’s facility and requests that her get her pregnancy test. Tanu dithers. Pragya inquires as to whether she is strained that her reality will turn out. Doc comes and requests that who needs get check up. Pragya indicates Tanu and says pregnancy checkup. Doc takes her inside, turns out and says she is 1-1/2 month pregnant.

Pragya strolls out and about tragically thinking back her and Ahi’s minutes together and figures for what reason did she cherish Abhi whom she can’t get, for what reason did she turn out to be such a major enthusiastic trick, for what reason did she turn out to be candidly frail. Abhi scalls her and asks where is she, he is sitting tight for her since quite a while. He says he needs to converse with her a considerable measure of considers and requests that her come soon as he is sitting tight for her. He inquires as to whether she is there. She with mournful eyes says she in transit and will come. He supposes she should be irate on him, Priyamanaval yet once she returns he will apologize her and set thinks right. She supposes Abhi does not love her and she can’t escape with this fact.

Tanu returns to her home and thinks as of now Abhi is irate on her and on the off chance that she enlightens him concerning her pregnany, he will break his relationship. Imagine a scenario in which Pragya illuminates him some time recently, thinks let her tell first.

Pragya gets back home and sees Abhi sound sleeping on couch. she tries to rectify his stance, however quits reasoning she ought not wake him up. He awakens and sees her going towards overhang.

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