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October 1, 2017Health & Wellness Standard


The North Dakota SNAP Program – Safe New Attitude Program

At NTSI, it’s a SNAP to make a “Safe New Attitude” through our young driver security course.

For quite a long time, we’ve been gaining practical experience in giving new North Dakota drivers the “devices” to settle on better safe driving decisions. Today we offer an amazing on the web activity school choice for high-hazard drivers. Subtle elements include:

Activity school online incorporates 4 hours of cooperation

For a long time 16-25

Intended for amateur drivers – accentuation on chance bringing and comparative issues with new drivers, for example, diversions (messaging), liquor/tranquilize mindfulness and threats

Concentrate on the best possible driver demeanor with an accentuation on better basic leadership

A fantastic program for particular youth activity programs/parent/insurance agency referrals

Accessible in English dialect

Cost of the course is $39.95

This state HAS NOT yet endorsed the NTSI movement school program for all clients. You should get uncommon authorization from this court or insurance agency so as to utilize this North Dakota web traffic school North Dakota based driving course. On the off chance that you don’t have uncommon authorization you will take the course on a deliberate premise as it were!

Movement Survival Workshop Level 1 (North Dakota guarded driving course on the web)

Incorporates 6 hours of support on the web

Concentrate on cautious driving

A quality course which NTSI has created to be a powerful contrasting option to classroom

Used to evade conviction of a reference (redirection or ticket expulsion), volunteer premise to expel focuses, get a protection markdown, as a business necessity or to fulfill a court arrange


More than 30 years of advancement and refinement. Inquired about to be demonstrated and compelling in decreasing consequent impacts as well as references of those going to


Cost of the course is $19.95

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