Sending Bulk Emails On A Budget

September 19, 2017Internet & Technology Standard

Email specialist organizations (ESPs) regularly say they’re untouchable with regards to sending mass messages. Notwithstanding we should recollect that sending messages can be totally free and with some skill sending mass messages dependably and with great deliverability can be accomplished for nothing. So before we offer in to the ESPs and pay their unusual expenses, have a go at doing it without anyone’s help, Checkout: Bulk Email Server Setup Guide

Ubuntu Server and Postfix influence an extremely dependable, lightweight and adaptable mix for sending mass to email and when arranged effectively they can without much of a stretch match an ESP’s administration. Indeed, even on a household 8MB ADSL association it’s conceivable to send countless messages every hour. My go for this post is reveal to you how to accomplish this with negligible cost. I won’t go into the exact snaps and orders (it’s not a fakers control) but rather it will be a tolerable depiction of my exceedingly powerful model.

Right off the bat, you require an ISP that is set up to offer you a few static IPs. BeThere offer 16 static IPs for around £42 every month including the ADSL association. You get 1 WAN IP and 15 nom de plume IPs. You’ll additionally require a solid switch equipped for taking care of a few DMZs – I suggest the Draytek Vigor 2820.

Primarily the design contains a genuinely capable server that goes about as a devoted virtual machine (VM) have utilizing VMWare ESXi server. The machine has 11 Ubuntu Servers (10 devoted Postfix messaging servers, 1 committed DNS server) each exclusive requiring the base RAM (256MB) and least hard drive space (8GB). Each virtual machine is given a neighborhood static IP (e.g. – and every Postfix server put separately inside a DMZ. The outcome is 10 committed mailing servers, each sending from a devoted outside IP (e.g. – Arrange your organization’s area to have a relating subdomain for every IP (e.g. has an A record to, has an A record to and so on). Ask your ISP’s DNS group to arrange the right comparing reverse IP ( to and so on). Make a SPF record utilizing the openspf venture site and apply it to your area’s DNS server (you may need to ask your space’s facilitating organization on the off chance that they can do this).

Download ESXi server from VMWare’s site and information exchange to get the permit key. It’s an exceptionally basic introduce (expecting your machine is perfect). Next, introduce a Ubuntu VM with default settings (naming it e.g. and introduce Postfix (again default settings). Arrange a static IP, DomainKeys/DKIM and fare general society key to your area’s DNS server. Utilize telnet from the linux terminal to affirm you can send messages that are DomainKeys/DKIM marked and SPF confirmed. Getting all these to work together effectively can be somewhat of a bad dream so the Ubuntu people group guides are precious. Once you’re prepared to test, Google Mail is exceptionally helpful for review an email’s full source and enables you to confirm the IP it began from (e.g., its comparing space name (, regardless of whether the DomainKeys/DKIM signature passed and whether your SPF record is setup effectively.

SPF, DKIM and DomainKeys passing Gmail

Congrats! You now have a devoted Ubuntu Postfix mailing server. Presently, make a moment Ubuntu server virtual machine and introduce BIND, this will be the committed DNS server (named e.g. emaildns). Design the forward query to whatever you need (I utilize OpenDNS) and test its capacities utilizing nslookup. Reconfigure your devoted messaging server’s (email1 or whatever you named it) default DNS server to emaildns. We need all our Ubuntu Postfix mailing servers questioning here so our system isn’t stalled with time and data transmission expending DNS queries.

Once you’re glad everything’s functioning as it should you can either shutdown email1 and duplicate the records 9 times to clone the VM or physically introduce it 9 more circumstances. Cloning VMs can raise issues like copy NICs and as far as I can tell once you’ve setup 1 email server the others take a small amount of the time. Guarantee all have the same DomainKeys/DKIM private key!

When you’re done you’ll have 10 committed Ubuntu Postfix servers frantic to convey your mail from 10 isolate outside IPs. Whatever product you’re utilizing to make and send your messages ought to have the capacity to deal with 10 SMTP servers; Campaign Enterprise positively can with a little measure of arrangement.

The Final Result

Presently you have ten committed Ubuntu Postfix email servers, all little, lightweight establishments that require next to no CPU stack with their own outside IPs (and hostnames) setup to question the same DNS server.

The best part? I accomplish industry levels of deliverability utilizing this model and except for the server and ADSL get it’s free! I’ve even as of late had a call from Return Path asking whether I required any assistance. In the wake of examining my details they closed they couldn’t offer assistance! Magnificent.

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