Sun Conure Care

October 2, 2017parrots Standard

Sun conures are probably the most outwardly appealing parrots of all, dressed as they are in rich yellow and gold plumes, with rich green tips to their wings.

Developing to a body length of around 30cm these are average sized individuals from the parrot family, offering all the knowledge of bigger feathered creatures however without the requirement for unreasonable space.


Sun Conures hail from the northern territories of South America, where they might be found in vast herds. Here they jabber and quarrel in the treetops, picking off products of the soil as they discover them.

Obviously, the fantastic appearance of these feathered creatures has long made them well known pets, and all things considered many are taken every year for the pet exchange. In addition, living space misfortune additionally is by all accounts influencing the wild populace, as the woodlands they once in the past called home shrivel each year.

The message here is that you should just consider obtaining a hostage reared example, in order to keep up the regularly contracting wild populace. This functions admirably for different reasons as well; hostage reproduced winged animals tend not to be influenced by parasites, and especially if hand-raised can rapidly tame down.

One of the more eminent characteristics found in sun conure is that they can turn out to be extremely trusting in reality in a solitary individual. This bond remains so solid that, while it isn’t suggested, a few attendants take their flying creatures outside. Here they will cheerfully take off to investigate, before coming back to the security of “their” individual.


Sun conures are dynamic, inquisitive and perky winged creatures and in this way require an appropriately estimated confine. These are not winged animals that will lounge around still for drawn out stretches of time.

Most experts prescribe an enclosure of no less than a meter toward every path, with normal day by day practice allowed outside the pen.

A sun conure’s confine ought to be appropriately fitted out with a scope of roosts of varying measurements and hard-wearing toys. This blend will enable your fowl to practice their feet and bill, and in addition giving progressing excitement in your nonappearance.

Charmingly, sun conures are not known for their damaging propensities (not at all like some different individuals from the parrot family) so one can get sensibly innovative with confine decorations. It is an insightful region to swap round the toys gave, and additionally their area, to give assortment after some time.

Be cautious while picking where to put your conure’s pen. Coordinate daylight through a window can rapidly overheat confined winged animals, while drafts can cause respiratory issues. The best place for your winged animal’s pen is in a semi-dim corner far from windows and entryways.

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